Today in History: The First Radio Broadcast of The World Series

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today on October 5, 1921 was the first radio broadcast of the World Series. Coming off his second season Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees were pitted again the New York Giants. Holding their own to this veteran Giant team, Babe led the Yankees to a win in game 5. But, after injuring his arm and knee the Yankees would have to go on with out him. They lost the series to the Giants 5 games to 3 that year. It was first time since 1905 the Giants held the title. Here is a clip I found of some video footage of the series. Below I also added the link to the Baseball Almanac, an excellent online resource for baseball history.

ALSO! Today in 1960, my wonderful Daddy, Kevin was born! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you very much!

Baseball history provided by:

1921 World Series by Baseball Almanac

Today in History: Orient Express Runs for the First time!

Today on October 4, 1883, the Orient Express runs for the first time from Paris to Vienna and changes European travel forever. The goal: to build a luxury rail line that would span the continent. The original train ran from 1883 until 2009. It’s fame comes from the huge impact the Orient Express had on our cultural imagination. The Orient Express was first captured as a safe route for Dracula’s escape in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula and later as the set for one of Agatha Christie’s mysteries, Murder on the Orient Express. James Bond even used this famous route when he traveled from Istanbul to London in From Russia with Love. A private tourist line preserves this rich history today. As a Christie fan, I thought I would share with you a Masterpiece documentary about the history of the Orient Express, starring actor David Suchet famous for playing Christie’s most loveable character’s Hercule Poirot. I also shared an article from the Smithsonian if you are interested in learning more.

A Brief History of the Orient Express – Smithsonian Magazine

Today in History! “Howl” ruled not Obscene by California Court

Today on October 3, 1957, Allan Ginsberg’s icon Beat poem, Howl, was ruled not obscene by California Supreme Court. To celebrate this victory for freedom of speech and freedom of the written word here is a recording of Allan Ginsberg reading his famous poem.

Also thank you to Poetic Touch 2012 for their awesome work in bringing poetry to the internet in an accessible manner.

Teaching History Teaches Civic Responsibility According to Huff Blog Post

I recently read an article from the Huffington Post Blog for education discussing civic responsibility, voting and history in American education. With the 2012 election in full force, author of the post, William E. White makes the argument that civic responsibility, a common theme with the presidential candidates, is not something students learn from studying the constitution but by studying American History. It is looking at how in the past, Americans upheld their communities and how history reminds Americans of their “fundamental ideals”.

After reading this post, I was reminded of a phone call I shared with my academic partner and good friend Jordan K, about Canadian politics and our Ontario High School curriculum. We both agreed that history was a missing component in our grade 10 Civic class and that the connection between history and current political affairs was something that was not presented to us as one of our civic responsibilities. Jordan, an admirer of J.S. Woodsworth and the CCF made a similar argument to White’s but in the context of Canadian politics. Jordan argued if Canadians were more engaged in political history and simply understood our past, it ¬†would create a more informed voter block and uphold White’s notion of civic responsibility. History allows us to gain a personal knowledge of past legislation, political changes and issues and gives us a personal responsibility over our government.

I think for White it is not just looking to history for knowledge, but to illustrate the passion and engagement that America once had. That the past for White holds a key to American prosperity and it is this prosperity Americans hope to regain someday.

Check out White’s article, Teaching Responsibility — Teach History at Huffington Post and please check out my blog every week at!